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Premium Membership - unlimited life stories!
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LifeBio’s Premium Membership makes it simple to capture life stories – your story and your family’s stories live here. There is no one else like you. You’re like a book with many chapters, and your story is worth recording. Here and now. Without delay. LifeBio is a safe, private, and secure service that makes sure you have the chance to say what matters to the people you love. You can also use your Premium LifeBio Membership to interview loved ones.

biography Biography: Access a complete template of over 250 life story questions and history topics to instantly build a ready-to-print, ready-to-share LifeBio.

chapters Chapters: Record life’s moments such as a Travel Story, Baby Story, Love Story, or bring together Stories & Memories for a loved one’s birthday or anniversary. Shorter biography options are available too such as Veteran’s Story or Family Cookbook.

journal Journal: Capture everyday life as it happens in a freeform journal. LifeBio keeps your thoughts and experiences protected in a private, safe, secure platform.

archive Archives: Upload documents that matter such as family history or other genealogy records. LifeBio is a one-stop place to store what matters most.

Lite Membership - free!
  • Access to only limited numbers of Biography questions, Chapters questions, or Journal entries.
  • Ability to upload 5 photos, 5 audio, and 5 video recordings maximum.
  • Ads will appear on Free members’ sites
  • No discount on hardcover Legacy Books
  • Print personal history documents -- the system instantly created ready-to-print PDFs

LifeBio Health Authorized - for organizations!

LifeBio Health makes it simple to capture life stories in health care and senior care settings. LifeBio's web-based system instantly creates a brief About Me bio or more extensive life story to enhance service and care.

  • Staff and user “Getting Started” training and support via LifeBio’s webinar series. Ongoing support and ideas for organizational settings.
  • Custom Portal for your organization with a dashboard view of participants in the LifeBio program. Keep track of what Biographies, Chapters, Journals, and more have been created.
  • 20% discount on ordering Legacy Books or all other LifeBio physical products such as Life Story Journals or Memory Journals.
  • Print personal history documents -- the system instantly created ready-to-print PDFs.

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