How LifeBio Works -- Capture Life. Now.


It's never been easier to capture and share your life stories, memories, and everyday experiences than with LifeBio.com

You can do it with LifeBio’s thought provoking questions and easy to use online system....

Specific questions help prime the pump of your memory--while everyday life moments in the present are recorded too. Start a biography, create your online journal, record special events, or even archive family history documents. Write as little or as much as you like in LifeBio, you can even upload pictures and video.


Instantly preview as you bring together stories, memories, photos, and more. Securely share it with others-or keep it completely private. You'll discover new and rich layers to your story as friends and family connect and communicate with you.


LifeBio compiles your stories and memories into a professional looking book - complete with table of contents, embedded pictures, and more. You have plenty of room to capture the whole story! You can even create a family heirloom with a leather-bound Memory Book.

LifeBio Products

Thoughtful gifts for capturing the stories of a lifetime.