Better Health Through Reminiscence


Capturing Life Stories in
Health Care and Senior Care

Create brief "About Me" bios or more extensive life stories

Ensure memories are not lost or forgotten

Create an individualized, password protected LifeBio on PC's, iPad, or other web enabled devices

Focus on wellbeing while increasing positive emotions and promoting purpose and meaning

Senior Living Communities, Long-Term Care,
and Professional Caregivers Use LifeBio to:

Increase revenue & admission rates

Raise satisfaction from residents and family

Enhance electronic health records, care plans and assessments

Provide inovative memory care programming for people with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia

Participants Discover how LifeBio Brings:

A sense of purpose and enjoyment by sharing unique life experiences
Value and a lasting legacy by capturing family stories
Better quality of care and overall wellbeing
A reduction in loneliness through meaningful engagement

When You Use LifeBio:

The most meaningful and significant moments of a family story are captured forever with LifeBio. From full biographies to short "chapters of life", to daily journaling, or even archiving family history, residents move through thought-provoking questions to uncover unique and compelling stories.

"We've told stories for centuries. It's natural, easy and research shows it's good for health and quality of life."
- Beth Sanders, LifeBio Founder & CEO

The results are enjoyed privately and securely at LifeBio.com, or generated in a Memory Book form with LifeBio’s built-in publishing templates. It's simple, meaningful, a priceless gift, and a true family heirloom-your community can make it happen.
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Thoughtful gifts for capturing the stories of a lifetime.