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These are some of the common questions that have been encountered. Select a question to open up the answer. You can then click on the question again to close it.

How is the LifeBio Question Template organized?
The LifeBio Question Template has four sections that should be completed. These sections are:
a. The People who Shaped You
b. Memories of Growing Up
c. The Real World
d. Bringing it all Together
How long will it take me to complete the LifeBio Question Template?
For some people, it will take only a few hours to complete just the questions that interest them. However, we estimate that it will take approximately 30-40 hours to complete all questions. You can easily pace yourself and work on this for just 30 minutes a day or spend just a few days completing the entire template. Just get started and you’ll find yourself enjoying the process. A minor investment of your time will have great rewards!
What are examples of questions that will be asked in the LifeBio Question Template?
a. Your Mother: How would you describe your mother to someone who had never met her?
b. Family Fun, Vacations, and Celebrations as a Child: What is your most memorable vacation with your family as a young person?
c. High School and Teenage Years: What were your most memorable experiences from high school? (Think about your first date, school dances, first time you drove a car to school, band, chorus, clubs, projects, school plays, talent shows, sports, etc.)
d. Children and Parenthood: What is the hardest part of being a parent?
e. Beliefs: Do you have a motto that you live by? This could be something you think of that gets you through good times and bad times.
f. Opinions: What was the best time of your life? Why?
Can I do a LifeBio for someone who has already passed away?
Yes. After you have become a LifeBio member, you can choose to write about a deceased friend or family member. There is a field for including his or her date of death in the template.
Can I preview my LifeBio before it is completed and anyone else sees it?
While you are working on your Biography or Autobiography, you can select the Preview button to view your work before anyone else sees it. After you are satisfied with your writings, you can then provide your Member ID and View Password to your loved ones. Remember that you don't have to answer all the questions--answer what you feel comfortable answering. You can also see what questions have a picture attached (if you are including pictures in your LifeBio). When you feel that you have answered as much as you want to answer, please consider purchasing a ready-to-print version of your Life Story Now (available through Preview or View) or the LifeBio Book that will turn your online bio into a great keepsake. Visit the "LifeBio Products" section for details.
What if I forgot my password or login id?
You can click on the Forget Password? link, enter you email, and your information will be automatically emailed to you.
How can I be sure that the data I am typing in will be safe?
LifeBio is committed to protecting our clients privacy (see Privacy Policy). When ordering products, you should see the Lock icon, usually located in the bottom corner of your browser, this means that the information is being transmitted though a Secure Socket Layer. The LifeBio database, with your information in it, is backed up frequently at multiple locations. This minimizes the possibility of lost information.
If I decide to have my Life Story Now made or my LifeBio Book printed, can I still come back and re-edit my LifeBio on the web?
Yes. After you complete the LifeBio Order Form to order the LifeBio Book, your LifeBio will have the data captured at that time. The book will then be manufactured with the text as you wrote it. Your online LifeBio is available to you for more editing or additions, but these edits or additions will not appear in the book you've ordered.
Can you give me some pointers on writing my LifeBio?
a. Get started. Don’t worry about spelling—just write! (By the way, LifeBio can check spelling as you go.)
b. Paint a picture with words. Include as many details as possible by thinking about all your senses and feelings from a certain time or place. For example, "The dog jumped out the window and ran across the yard behind the church!” is not as interesting as “Our pet beagle, Peanuts, whose red leash was tied to the emergency parking break, somehow managed to squeeze through the Chevy station wagon’s barely-open window leaving just her leash behind. With her ears flapping and her mouth yelping, she raced passed the 2nd grade Bible school class playing behind the church. The kids squealed in delight as they left the sandbox to chase our crazy beagle."
c. Never underestimate the power of your life. Every person’s life has joys and challenges. Every person experiences times that seem humdrum. You may ask yourself what others will learn about you from your “average” life. Tell them how much it cost for you to buy bread as a child; tell them about rationing during the war; tell them about how it felt to drive a ’57 Chevy; tell them about building a treehouse. Maybe you aren’t a famous person but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have joys and challenges from life to share. This information is interesting to them now and it will be even more interesting when they share it with your great-great grandchildren someday.
What are some tips for formatting my online LifeBio?
Your online bio will become a Life Story Now or LifeBio Book perhaps in the future. Also, you want to keep it easy for your friends and relatives to read online. To prepare it properly, please do the following:
a. Hit the Enter key between paragraphs.
b. Use headings to break up an answer. For example, if you are telling about two separate family vacations, you may want to use the heading Wild West Vacation and then hit Enter and talk about your trip to Nevada. Once finished with Wild West, you can doublespace and begin a section called Summer in Massachusetts about another vacation experience.
c. You are welcome to compose an answer in Microsoft Word or another word processor with spell check and grammar check. You can then just copy this and paste the answer into the appropriate answer space in the LifeBio Question Template.
How do I see a a larger view of the picture I uploaded?
You just click on the onscreen image and new window will pop up with your picture in it.
What types of images can be uploaded.?
Currently you can use .jpg/.jpeg, .gif, .bmp, and .png files. For best results, we recommend using .jpg/.jpeg or .gif files.
Why does the image I uploaded look funny or not appear at all?
There is a limit of approximately 2MB on image sizes. If the image size is beyond the limit the image is deleted.
Why can I not continue until finishing the first question from Section I?
We use the information from the first answer in Section I for formatting of later sections and to insure data integrity. After Section I is completed, you will be Emailed a View Password so you may share your Life Story Now with loved ones.
How can I change my password, my guest password, or what if my email address changes?
You can access your Member Password, Guest Password, and Email Address in the Profile section. Once logged in, you can update any or all of these online immediately.
Can the LifeBio website correct errors automatically?
LifeBio can automatically make minor corrections to certain answers, such as changing the first letter of names and places to upper case and fixing the month.
When I have completed a question should I check the complete box?
Yes. LifeBio uses this to keep track of far along you are. When you are in the continue section you can click on Progress to see what percentage of questions are completed.
How long do I have before I am logged out?
LifeBio will automatically log you out after about 1 hour of inactivity. Activity is defined as saving answers to questions or going to a different section or subsection.
Can I do my LifeBio through a secure connection?
Yes. LifeBio will automatically redirect you to our secure, https (SSL), site.
Can I rename the image that is being uploaded?
No. The images are saved as the original name. If this is done, it will not display correctly or not at all. If you need to rename an image, you should rename it on your hard drive, or source directory, then just upload the newly named image.
What browser types and versions are supported?
LifeBio.com currently supports Internet Explorer versions 5.5 and higher, Netscape 6.1 and higher, and Mozilla 1.5 and higher. To download a current version, you can go to the following links: Internet Explorer Netscape Mozilla
Why am I having problems viewing some pictures?
Pictures with certain special characters in them, such as commas(,), do not display correctly in web pages. Please avoid using special characters in the names of pictures. For example "John,doe.jpg" may not appear in your LifeBio. In order to resolve this, rename the picture to "Johndoe.jpg".
What product do I need?
A web membership offers you access to LifeBio's 250+ question templates. This allows you to share your member ID and password with others, download images onto pages, select a border and the option to order a bound book.
The Memory Journal contains the same 250+ questions as LifeBio.com. The Memory Journal is useful for people who would rather write than type their answers. At some point, you or your family may want to transfer the answers from the Memory Journal to LifeBio.com to create a hardbound edition of your own or a loved one's life story.
The Memory Journal E-book offers you immediate access to the Memory Journal’s questions. After purchasing it, you can download the PDF and print out pages, then answer the questions by hand. You cannot answer them electronically using the E-book.
The Memory Journal E-book comes with the LifeBio Membership. After you login with your member ID and password, look under the "Downloads" button.
If you want the advantages of a web membership and also the option to work on your life story away from the computer, consider purchasing a LifeBio Membership with Memory Journal. There is a "combo" of these two available under the "Shop" button.
How long does it take?
It depends on you. We estimate that it takes approximately 30 to 40 hours to complete all questions. Pace yourself by working 30 minutes a day or spending a few days to complete the entire template. We have had people complete LifeBio in one week and even order their hardcover edition that quick. Most people take between three and six months to finish.
How do I start? How do I use LifeBio after I receive my Member ID and Password?
First things first – Fill out "This Bio is About" in Section I. After this is filled out (with at least your first and last name), you'll be able to proceed throughout LifeBio's template and see all the questions.
You may want to skip around in the template. You don't need to go in exact order through the template.
Changing a password or email address – Login to LifeBio and then go to the PROFILE section. Here is where you can update information.
Writing and layout pointers
Write and don’t worry about spelling (LifeBio has spell check).
Paint a picture with words.
Never underestimate the power of your life. Share your joys and challenges along with the everyday details of your life.
Hit the enter key between paragraphs
Use headings to break up an answer.
LifeBio automatically logs you out after about 1 hour of inactivity. Activity is defined as saving answers to questions or going to a different section or subsection.
You can write in Microsoft Word or another word processor with spell check and grammar check, then copy and paste the text into the appropriate LifeBio Question in the template.
You may notice a button that says "check if complete with this question". You can check these and then click on the "Progress" button on the left menu. It will show you how many of the questions you have answered. You are always about to come back and change your answer.
What about my old LifeBio account?
Your stories, images, and memories are still safe with us. We can migrate your information to the new system upon request, just email info@lifebio.com and request it.
When is the LifeBio.com site offline for maintenance?
At LifeBio we try to maintain our servers up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but from time to time there are server patches and hardware maintenance that requires a reboot. We perform any maintenance that require service interruptions between 8am and 12pm Sunday, EST.

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