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LifeBio helps people answer the question, "How do I write my life story?"

LifeBio simplifies the publishing process so that anyone can create their own book of life’s adventures. Customers create an autobiography or the biography of a loved one by using LifeBio’s carefully-crafted questions or by using our Memory Journal or other reminiscence products.

Senior Care and Senior Living Communities

LifeBio is an exceptional group activity and the leading reminiscence product used by senior living communities in the US. LifeBio brings people together, promotes better communication and deepens relationships. The result is reduced loneliness and improved quality of care.

The Story of LifeBio

"Record life’s adventures and capture your story. Every life deserves a book." –Beth Sanders, Founder of LifeBio

Beth Sanders became intrigued with the importance of life story recording after an impromptu tape-recorded interview with her grandmother in 1993. Through this 90-minute interview, Beth gained a new perspective and stronger connection with this ordinary but extraordinary woman who lived so close by. In fact, grandma lived just across the street and later next door to Beth’s childhood home.

Grandma’s stories covered everyday matters about her parents and grandparents, growing up, good work, marriage, raising a family, and beliefs and values. Just ordinary life stories spanning most of the 20th Century! Beth saw her grandmother as a whole person—she wasn’t just grandma anymore.

As a result of the interview, Beth realized the importance of bridging the generations to share life and to build relationships together. She wanted to help others gain a new sense of connection with their loved ones too. LifeBio has achieved it’s goal of making it simple for extraordinary, everyday people to have a chance to say what matters most. LifeBio has helped thousands of individuals and senior living communities, skilled nursing centers, hospice organizations, hospitals, home care providers, and more. The product’s positive impact has been studied by Iowa State University’s gerontology program.

It’s time to tell your story. There’s no time like the present and no better gift to the future.

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Eight Guiding Principles of LifeBio


Every person’s unique life experience and personal history should be acknowledged and celebrated.


All people, especially older adults, should be given the opportunity to pass on wisdom and values, while connecting with their own generation and younger generations.


People of all ages and backgrounds learn about themselves and see the "big picture" of their lives by telling and sharing life stories and personal history.


Life story questions must be meaningful and complete to ensure people’s stories are as rich and as comprehensive as possible.


Every opportunity to involve families, volunteers, and youth in hearing and recording an older person’s life story should be encouraged.


When it comes to life stories, each person chooses what personal history they wish to share or not share.


Sharing our stories helps all of us continue to learn, grow, and plan for the future.


Life story preservation is critical. Steps to ensure a lasting legacy should be taken to honor every person’s journey.

LifeBio Products

Thoughtful gifts for capturing the stories of a lifetime.